Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's the Debil Bobby.....

I tell you the internet is the Debil! And it sucks me in....being that I am a self-taught graduate of ER's medical school and can diagnose myself with the help of WebMD and PubMed.......no problem.

Seriously though, I can let my mind get away from me sometimes when I get calls from the doctor about MRI's that are not what you expect them to be. Tonight at dinner the doctor's assistant, Matt, called to tell me that my blood work from last week all came back normal. That is awesome, my liver and kidneys are all ok it seems. I then asked huim about the MRI as I had not heard from anyone on that yet....oh yeah, Dr. Cantrell made notes on that here, she says.......(uh, um, if I can read her writing...) um, hang on.....ok, the MS lesions are larger it looks like and active so she wants to make an office visit to discuss treatment options. When can you come in?

That is not really what I was expecting to hear. I mean I have been feeling fine....not any symptoms really lately. I thought I would see vast improvements by now on the Betaseron. It makes my mind race and wonder. I want to have the reports and MRI cd right here so I can look at it on my own. I have gotten pretty good at reading them and comparing them for myself over the past few years. I am glad I get to go in tomorrow and do not have to sit and wait around for too long to stew on it. That would push me over the edge I think. I am already frustrated that the new antibiotic does not seem to be doing what is hould and I and supposed to be going back to the doctor for that on the 3rd. I guess he will be able to look at the new MRI and see what he needs to see there as well.

Prayers - I need them right now - for peace of mind and health of the body & mind!

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Bones said...

Girl, I totally diagnose myself and the kiddos, too, with info off the net! A lot of times I nail it, which for me is good so that when I see the doctor I know which questions to ask. I am praying for you. He knows.