Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blogging Blahs

I have started a few blogs lately then been sidetracked or just not felt the need to post them or even complete them. I have had the blogging blahs I guess. I have had a lot going on but not much to say about it maybe.....or maybe I have not know what to say about it.....I do not know. In April we made a trip to Atlanta to see my best friend, Ginger, who moved there in January. What a beautiful place they bought! It was a wonderful, but quick weekend! We got to celebrate Arden's 3rd birthday while we were there and just hung out and enjoyed each other's company - no running around seeing the sites on this trip - it was just about seeing friends! I tell you I will fly next time I go though - that is a long drive and I am not up to that much time in the car! :)

We kicked off the Adventure Kidz Band at church in April also - kinda like a Grounded part II as most of the old band is back together playing now. I have ending up being sick pretty much most of the time since we started back up so I am not much good to the group. Since I had my trip to the ER at the end of March I have not been able to shake this sinus thing in my head. I am on 3rd round of antibiotics and still not feeling well. No rest for the wicked either.....

Ken road in the MS150 Frisco to Ft. Worth this past weekend. He actually road 50 miles - which ended up being 1/2 of it as it was called due to the weather. He hurt his knee in practice a while back and had not practiced in a while. After he road about 40 miles he was pretty much done....the knee was gone. He had to call me to come get him in Sanger and then the rain set in and the ride was called later that day for day 2. He did so freaking awesome! I can't even imagine doing 3 miles.....he rocks - and he did it all for me! I love that man! The ride had over 4000 riders this year. It was amazing to see so many people doing this for MS and people with MS.

I have decided to go see an ENT as I keep having sinus infections and cannot seem to shake them. I have been sick since late March pretty much when I made that trip to the ER and never really cleared up 100%. I am so tired of feeling bad. I want to have a clear head and no drainage!! I read that the deep sinus infection can be fatal.....that is great! Something to look forward to.....

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