Friday, July 11, 2008

My Meds.....

This is a photo of the shot set up that I give myself every other day. It includes the vial of powder, the syringe and needle, and 2 alcohol pads. It is called Betaseron, and is considered a "Disease Modifying Drug". It is supposed to help with the progression of the MS lesions. I was told that in 1 year I should not seen any more lesions on MRI and a possible reduction of the existing ones if I respond to the medication.

This is a shot of my daily pills.

The ones on the left are the morning dose, and the ones on the right are the night time dose. There are a couple meds that are not in the shot as they are "as needed". I take 2 different antibiotics for Lyme, an antidepressant -(guess what for??), Synthroid for Hypothyroidism, Lipitor for high cholesterol, Grape Seed Extract, Magtabs for Magnesium, probiotics for digestive help, multi-vitamins, and as needed, a muscle relaxer and sleeping pill. I recently stopped taking 4 other supplements and have 1 prescription I am waiting on to be filled.

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The Berkey's said...

I'm glad they know what to give you but I'll be praying for your kidneys. =)