Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Medication/Insurance Costs

Until you experience a trauma, injury, or major illness, I guess most people do not think of the ramifications of not having medical or prescription insurance. It is really amazing what insurance will cover and what they fight you on. Right now I am dealing with trying to get a nerve med that I have been on in large doses in the past, and now they are fighting with me over a very small dosage and withholding the medicine until they get the "proper prior authorization" validated with the doctor who wrote the freaking presccription. Didn't she give that "prior authorization" by writing the dang prescription?? I mean c'mon really???? I just do not understand it......they will send my MAJOR meds out with no questions asked, and overnight them free...(well I am sure it is built into the cost).....which I just found out(whoa Nelly) is $2000 a month they are charging the insurance....I only have to pay $50.00(looks like every 3 months). I am fortunate!! Now I know I gripe about prices and the cost of these things mainly becuase it is a shock to the system, and pocketbook, but I know how blessed I am to even have the insurance I do. I cannot fathom the thought of living without it.....what would we do?? I know there are places that will help with the cost of prescriptions for those who need it, but if you are in between those areas of can't qualify and over qualified, it has to be soooooo hard. It is just someting that makes me angry these days....I feel so sorry for those who have to deal with this situation day in and day out!!!

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