Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Where to start?? Last week maybe???

I am going to start this out and have to back into most of my story. You see, I have no idea where it actually starts......odd as that may seem. If you know anything about Lyme Disease, you will understand that. If you do not, maybe my blog will help you understand, or give you an interest to look into it further for yourself.........

Friday, May 2, 2008

Had an appointment with Dr. Ronald Wilson who is now taking over my treatment for Lymes. He has made a point to become versed in the treament of Lymes because he sees how bad it is needed. He went over the patient survey with me and we decided to start a very aggressive treatment regimine . I am taking 400mg of Doxycycline, 1000mg of Ceftin and building up a very intense suppliment defense as well with B-Complex, B-6, Probiotics, MagTabs, CoQ10, and several other things. I still need to pick up a few of the suppliments, but have been taking the scripts since Friday. I want to blog and see if I can start to notice when it is a begin to feel better.

Now some back history:

I have known Dr. Wilson since I was 15 years old, he is my Gynocologist, and delivered both of my kids. We go way back!! He is actually the person who pointed me in the direction of even getting tested for Lymes, back in 2004. Other doctors spent tons of time and money (of mine) doing tests and never really finding the route of my problems. Hence the name given to lymes is "The Great Imitator". At that time in 2004, I was having acute DAILY migraines and just not feeling well in general, after seeing a neurologist and rheumatologist(not very helpful at all), and then a second rheumatologist(rude), I must have had an appointment with Dr. Wilson and we began discussing my symptoms and my husband's. (BTW, he had been going through the doctor game as well at that point for several years!!) One Rheumatologist said he would just consider me to be in that group of people who have "Fibromyalgia" since there was nothing he could find wrong at this point. He laughed at me when I even mentioned maybe we should look at Lymes testing - no one wanted to help me get the testing taken care of, mostly because they do not think Lymes is prevalent in Texas. We finally thougth we had a doctor to help us with testing and treatment in early 2005. Dr. Grodsin met with us both, and prescribed uo doxycycline, and Biaxin. We never saw him again. I think his interest in helping us fizzled quickly and we decided not to continue on with him. The first rounds of antibiotics seemed to clear up somethings for me. The rest of them were long term damage type situations never really resolved. I have been in a relapse for a while and feeling like death warmed over for the most part.

That is why I am doing this now, to chronicle my disease and treatment. I am doing it mostly for myself, but knowing how hard it is to find a doctor who will help you (close by) and one who really believes in having a firm treatment plan seems to be few and far between for most people. I have been blessed with an awesome doctor and thank God for him!!!

Back to my meds.....
Started taking them on May 2nd, and the first round about made me sick. I had been sick with bronchitis (3rd time in so many months) and not eating much. Took all my meds on a very empty stomach and was sick the next few hours. Have learned that I must take them ALL with food. Currently I am up to 9 pills a day, and that will be increasing once I get a hold of all the suppliments I have been told to start taking. I had to go buy me a pill divider that had an AM/PM section since i take them through out the day. In my old age (and forgetful Lymes brain) I had to do this for myself so I would not forget anything. And I was tired of carting around all those bottles in my purse!!

I guess I will end for now. I will back further into more medical mysteries as we go along.

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