Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Backing to the beginning.....???

Before this last doctor's visit I had been feeling really bad. I was waking up with hands I could hardly use, like I had been clinching a fist all night in my sleep. I had several episodes where my legs would be numb or feel like parts were asleep, my right foot is almost always numb, and the other one is sometimes. Both hands have their moments as well......I have also lost a lot of grip in my left hand, dropping things all the time. I decided to go see another rheumatologist that came highly recommended. He ran every blood test imaginable (about $1000 worth) and told me everything I already knew. He did not even bat an eye when I told him I was Lymes positive. He did not think the problems I had been dealing with were due to that. I had a feeling I was in a serious Lymes relapse, but did not really know where to seek help. It is horrible when you can't find a doctor to treat you, or one knowledgable to do so. That doctor classified me in a catagory called UCTD or undifferentiated connective tissue disease...to me meaning he has no idea what I have. Again, no mention from him about or pointing to Lymes.

Prior to this visit, I have bounced in and out of my GP's office for respiratory infections like crazy. My immune system is just a mess. The slightest sick person around throws me into a full blown case of bronchitis. I have had it 3 times this year (2008) alone. Other problems have had me at the Gyno for bladder/uniary tract infections, to the back doctor for all kinds of pain and neuropathy I thought were nerves being pinched or something. Looks more like it may be Lymes related, although I do have other back problems that are all on their own!!

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