Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More to come.....

After visiting with the neuro today, he wants me to get an MRI of the spine and neck, and a spinal tap to rule out MS. I have several white lesions, one that was of concern since my last MRI, and the size was also an issue I guess. He knows I have Lyme disease, but honestly don't think he thinks much about it. He is going down the MS route. I think I will have a second opinion after the spinal tap.....and my appt. with LLMD tomorrow.

Anyway, I am scheduled Thursday for the tests so that should be a load of fun!!

MRI Findings from 5-12-08 per radiologist:
FINDINGS: There are several hyperintense lesions on T2-weighted imaging within the brain. The largest is located in the right parietal white matter measuring approximately 1.2 CM. Postcontrast imaging demonstrates a 7.6 mm ring enhancing lesion in this region. Other areas of abnormal signal intensity on T2 weighted imaging are primarily seen in the deep white matter on the right and left. There is a prominent area with in the left temporal white matter at the level of the temporal horns. There is also a prominent area in the medial aspect of the right temporal lobe measuring 1.6 cm x 0.9 cm. There is subtle curvilinear enhancement within this right temporal lesion and within a punctate right occipital lesion but the remaining lesions demonstrate no significant enhancement. While the ring enhancing lesion in the right parietal lobe is suspicious for metastatic disease or lymphoma and the punctate area of enhancement in the right occipital lobe is nonspecific , the enhancement pattern/lack of enhancement of the remaining lesions in this more atypical of metastatic disease or lymphoma. Multiple sclerosis should therefore be considered. Clinical correlation is suggested.

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