Saturday, May 17, 2008

Burnt Chicken Feathers

I have been experiencing alot of pains the past week or so. I am sure it is probably "herx" related. I still have a horrid cough from the bronchitis and it hurts when I get going good. I thought that was causing some pain in my lower back, but now I am not sure if it is back pain or kidney pain. I go to the neurologist on Tuesday and my LLMD on Wednesday. If it still persists, I will talk to them about it. Otherwise, I may be heading back to the pain specialist if the LLMD can't give me something to help or alleviate it. The headaches have been coming and going. I keep getting some in the right front part of my forehead. I do not know if it is psychosomatic due to the LLMD mentioning something about the right frontal lobe on the MRI know I smell burnt chicken feathers, must be a tumor. (hehehehe)

Anyway, I have not told anyone but Ken and my friend Ginger about the MRI report. I want to, but I do not want to alarm anyone for something I think will be TBD related. Ken already had a bit of a time dealing with it, but I tell him everything when it comes to my medical stuff, maybe too much sometimes for a man. (hehehehe)

I have a few more days before the neuro visit, guess more to come then!

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