Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hopping on a plane......

next Wednesday to Houston to see an MS (Multiple Sclerosis) specialist. I saw the neurologist here today and he thinks I do have MS. We compared the MRI's from the past to the new one and there are more lesions on the brain. I also have a lesion on the C3-4 Cervical Cord. He said I have the IgG markers that would normally be non-specific, except that I have more lesions that have shown up on the brain and cord, along with the band markers from the CSF, so it is a positive diagnosis of MS. He was happy in my muscle strength but wants me to start treatment for MS soon. He is suggesting Avonex since I am considered to have mild symptoms currently. He referred me to a MS specialist, Dr. Brod, in Houston and I have already set an appointment with him for next Wednesday. He is also versed in Lyme, which makes me feel better about the visit. I will fly down there by myself to see him. It is cheaper than driving, staying in a hotel, and feeding 4 of us for 2 days.

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