Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another Sunday night....

in the ER for me. We came back from a nice little overnight trip to OKC to visit some friends and I had been experiencing some pain in my side for a few days and it was getting worse. I started running a low grade fever as well and we were worried that I might have appenicitis. We headed for the ER about 6:30 and got in pretty fast but that was all that was fast about the evening. Ken and I sat and sat for hours waiting on things to happen. I finally had a CT scan around 10pm, then after midnight the radiologist finally read the results and they decided it was NOT appendicitis. They could see I had a rupturing cyst on my right ovary and also happened to find out that I have gallstones - fun stuff! At least it was not just gas! At his point I have multiple bruises up and down my arms from infusions, blood draws and IV attempts/misses, and look like I was beaten or do drugs one. I have an appointment tomorrow with a surgeon to see about removing the gallbladder. My regular doctor said it was probably the best thing to do since I have so many other things going on right now and we have already met all out of pocket costs on the insurance. The surgery will be laproscopic so it will most likely be a day surgery. Who knows, maybe the doctor will be able to do the port at the same time??

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