Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's a GO!

So next Monday I will be starting the IVIg infusion treatments. The infusion nurse called today and said that the insurance approved the treatments. WOW! I was surprized! Next week alone is a cost of around $20000.oo dollars for 4 days worth of induction, and then I will go back once a month for an infusion and it will cost around $10000.00 a month I believe. Our insurance will cover the complete cost after we meet deductable(already there) and $3750.00 out of pocket. We are about $2800.00 shy of the out of pocket right now.....BUT then I will be covered 100% on everything else for the rest of the year. WOOOO know you are getting old when you get excited about meeting your medical deductables and out of pocket expenses..... Sad! :)

I went back to the ENT today and he is changing my antibiotic again. I still have a sinus infection but it is migrating all around now. He seemed excited about the IVIg treatments. He seems to think I will feel much better after the treatments and will see great improvements in my infections and allergies. He thinks it is a great thing so that we can avoid surgery!! YEA!! I was not looking forward to sinus surgery at all!! The more I read on it, the better the benefits are sounding to the infusions.....I am just kinda nervous about the IV part now. I hate being stuck and dug on because my veins are so little and I bruise so easily.

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