Thursday, July 3, 2008

Do not know....

when the fatigue is going to sucks! I feel like a large piece of concrete is laying on top of me today. I am so freaking tired I hardly can move. Ughhhhh

My LLMD is treating my thyroid issue and told me that a low body temp is one of the symptoms. I stay about 97 degrees all the time now. No wonder why I am always under a blanket!! But I still sweat like I am running a marathon, and will just be sitting still. What a strange thing the thyroid really affects your whole body!! Anyway, he said we will look and see how I am doing in about 2 months so the meds can start to work. If my body temp is not normal then we will have to up the amount of thyroid medicine and wait some more. It is such a game you have to play with the thyroid meds. My mom has been on them for years now and they are adjusting her's again.

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