Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Neuro....

Well today I met with my new neurologist and she is a keeper. I like her personality...... She knows the specialist in Houston I saw and she says he has no personality...I agree. She seems to be a stright forward type person which I like to have in a doctor!

Anyway, she is running an EEG on July 21st, sometime I will have another MRI of the lumbar region on my back, and she wants to do an MRA, and several tests called Evoked Potentials. She is also going to have some congitive evaluation done so we can get a good baseline of where I am at now, and have a comparison for the future.

Currently she gave me a few more meds (whoooopppeeeee) and says to stay on the Betaseron. She wants to follow me on this for a while. She thinks my MS is an aggressive form, but it is still classifed as Relasping Remitting MS. She wants more MRI's done but does not think my insurance will pay for some since I had some done back in May.

I am off to see the LLMD tomorrow. New Neuro thinks I do have both MS and Lyme and she wants me to keep up on the treatment with LLMD. I also have to get him to look into the Thyroid issues and talk about my blood pressure. It was 153/107 today when they checked it in the office. last night it was 104/68 which is (low) normal for me......don't know what today was about!

She is also talking about a treatment called IVIg. I think she will talk more about that after I get through all these tests mentioned above.

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