Monday, May 12, 2008

Weird Symptom......'s_sign

Months (maybe upto a year ago now) ago I noticed and still have been experiencing a weird thing in my neck when I would bend my head down, I would get this sensation like a "shock" or tingle down my back and sometimes into my arms and legs. I told my back specialist about it, and so he did x-rays of my neck to see if there was a pinched nerve or disc problem there. Of course there was I went on to see my chiropractor. I figured he would help me in an adjustment or know what the problem was, and yet he did not, but he tried. I get massages as well, and this did not seem to get rid of this problem either. I just got used to the idea of not really bending my head down too often to avoid this effect, since it really does not hurt, I guess I just placed it on the list of problems I deal with and cataloged it. Now flash foward to getting into more treatment with Lyme, and I ran across another person's blog who has Lyme, and he has experinced this same thing. Now I know what it is, the link above tells a little anyway. So hopefully if it really is this, I will be able to find something out on the MRI I took this morning. I follow up with my doctor on Friday, so hopefully I will know more then.

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