Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 - another year already...

Times flies when you are having fun, huh? Or even when you are not I seems as we get older the time just starts to fly by faster and faster. I sometimes wonder where it all goes....

The last week has been a ton of time spent in the car bouncing from home to home of family and framily (friends that are like family). We drove from Texas to Oklahoma to Texas to Georgia to Texas and around Texas some more.....I feel a bit like a pretzel in a knot. I am not sure if it spasticity and just tired from being in the car but I have been in some strange pain in  my lower legs for days and it is not going away.

Once again we start the new year in insurance limbo - but what is new? I hate having to deal with this every time we change insurance or roll to the new year. I do not understand why this cannot be a smoother transition. I am already worried about when my next treatment will be and how long it will be before I get my port flushed again. I will start down that road tomorrow sometime to see what happens this go round.

As for the holidays, we had a good visit with all the family and our framily! Although part was cut short - I love them all! Here's to a Happy New Year to everyone - May God bless you all!

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